Voice Over IP

Voice Over IP (VoIP) is the modern day phone system. It goes above and beyond the capabilities of traditional phone lines, allowing flexibility and customization on the fly. VoIP is able to answer as many calls as your office receives all at once, without additional lines or call waiting. Our system answers all of the standard transaction questions including office hours and directions, Motor Vehicles, Missouri ID's, REAL ID's, and  Drivers Testing Centers. It will save your clerks a boat load of time and will allow them focus solely on the customers in front of them.

Tailored for License Offices

Reduces Clerk Call Volume which means more time for the customers in house, as well as an increase in agent fees!

Advanced Response System for Customers

Wifi Capable

You do not have to run new wires to get our VoIP System.

Low Cost

Our system isn't just affordable. It also allows your clerks to more adequately focus on serving customers in the office and increasing agent fees.

Service & Interactive Response

We provide phone line service as well as our DMV system in order for you to answer customers questions automatically and reduce clerk call volume.

Snow Mode

Keep your customers in the know! Closing due to inclimate weather? Our system allows you to dial in from anywhere so that you can let customers know you are closed.

Holidays & Days Closed

We will program in every one of your predicted days closed. That way, the system automatically knows when you will be closed and will play a closed message.

Higher Efficiency

Having our system answer your customers questions allows your clerks focus on increasing agent fees rather than spending time on the phone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost me?

The cost varies based on the use of the office. Send us an inquiry and we can provide you with a formal estimate.

How fast can you get in to my office?

The port order to bring your existing lines onto our network is what takes time, port orders can take up to two weeks. The time from signed contract to installation should be roughly 1 - 3 weeks, depending on how difficult the port order is.

Do I need to replace my current equipment?
Maybe. If you already have Voice Over IP, we will need to evaluate your product in order to see if there are any locks on the devices/if they are compatible (in most cases they are comparable). If you have traditional (Phone Jack) phones, then you will need to upgrade your devices. Don't worry, devices have dropped dramatically in price. Expect desk phones from $100-$150 (depending on model), Cordless from $60-$100 (depending on model), Cordless Base Station $60-$100 (depending on model), and fax $50-$125 (depending on model).
Can I request custom or bulk changes?
Yes. A bulk change must occur across all license offices (i.e. policy change from DoR). There is no cost to you. However, if you are looking for a custom option, we charge $50 per recording and/or change.

Some of Our Clients

Downtown Belton Main Street

Gladstone License Office

York Management​ Group

Koester & Koester