Signage Solutions

We will keep you in compliance with the state when it comes to Signage, Cable, Wifi, and more. 

Keep your customers happy with our top-notch system and keep yourself in compliance, all maintained by Sharp. 

Wifi Capable

All we need to install a TV is power! No need to run pricy CAT-5 lines. We work on our enterprise-grade Wifi.

No Expenses

With our standard system, we don't charge a thing. We install our system and a television for free in exchange for the advertising rights.

DoR Compliant

Our solutions meet DoR checklist specifications. Never be caught with a signage compliance issue again.

Keep Your Lobby Informed/Entertained

Informed customers are happy customers. Help keep your customers happy by showing them what is needed for their upcoming transactions.

Improve Customer Experience

Our system improves customer efficiency and allows your clerks to focus solely on the customers in front of them. 

Higher Efficiency

A better-informed lobby increases helps with both wait times and service times, leaving you with higher efficiency.

Perfectly Remotely Managed

Our system alerts us if a TV disconnects from the internet. This allows us to immediately address any issues and to provide best-in-class support. 

Even power and internet outages don't stop us. Our system is designed to return back to its normal state and continue working even without internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost me?

There is no charge for our proprietary system in your office! Just give us a call at (888) 220-7208‬ or send an email to

How fast can you get into my office?

We can normally install within four weeks of receiving a signed contract. If you need us in place for a compliance issue, please contact us immediately.

Are only License Offices able to apply?
No, we have specialized in license offices, but are branching out to restaurants and other businesses as well.
What is Required of Me?
Once installed, there is no work on your end, we handle the rest!

Some of Our Clients

Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce​

Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks

York Management​Group

Koester & Koester